Deion Sanders leaves Jackson State to be Colorado coach

Deion Coach Prime Sanders named head football coach at University of Colorado, Boulder.

Source: Helen H. Richardson/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images / Getty

Deion Sanders has set social media’s Historically Black Timeline Universe (HBTU) on fire. There isn’t a scandal of infidelity, there isn’t a DUI, and there isn’t a criminal investigation into siphoning money away from poor folks. Nope, he just took a job at another school and the HBTU is outraged. Well, at least part of the HBTU…

Jackson State University has been the talk of college football for the past 3 years because “Coach Prime” had taken his talents to a Historically Black College and University with the mission to win games and bring shine to schools that don’t typically get national fanfare. The gig also gave Sanders a platform to display his coaching ability. There were lots of questions and JSU’s 27-5 record provided all the answers.

Last week Sanders was asked directly if the University of Colorado Boulder had offered him a job and unlike most college coaches he answered directly according to a USAToday report:

“Yeah, definitely the report is true,” Sanders told reporters Monday when asked about the Colorado job and if there was mutual interest. “They’re not the only ones. The report is true. I’m not going to sit in here and tell all my business, but they’re not the only ones. And I would be a liar if I told you they didn’t. You know they did. I know they did. Everybody there know they did. So it is what it is.”

He didn’t have to tell us all his business because yesterday, Colorado announced that Deion Sanders was their new head football coach. He spoke to his new team for the first time yesterday afternoon.


The angry part of the HBTU feels that Sanders is a charlatan and a sell-out for accepting the job at Colorado because he should have remained loyal to HBCUs and helped to change the narrative about the level of athletic talent and opportunities that aren’t afforded to them. A great many feel that his presence could have changed things for the better at all HBCUs and departing after three successful seasons marks him as an opportunist.

For his part, Coach Prime ain’t losing no sleep…

Many of his Super Bowl winning, Hall of Fame, superstar football peers are defending him…

Where you at with it? You mad at Deion for skipping town or happy that he’s getting another opportunity to coach a college football team?

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