Delonte West Says “Sometimes I Forget I Even Played Basketball”


Delonte West was spotted by a fan when he revealed the severity of his mental health, stating, “sometimes I forget I even played basketball.”

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If you are familiar with the name Delonte West ,then you’ve watched his battle with mental health over the years. Since Delonte had a decent career in the NBA, his current situation is spotlighted more for viral videos than genuine concern.

In 2016, Delonte lost one of his homes to foreclosure and by 2018, his second home was gone as well. Two years later, a viral circulated of him being violently beaten, with another viral video hitting the internet of Delonte panhandling on the side of the road.

Shortly after, Mark Cuban shared that he picked up Delonte and was attempting to get him help. Cuban shared heartwarming updates and we all were happy to see West on the right track. Recently, though, clips of Delonte panhandling surfaced again before a local business owner announced he gave him a job at his company doing flooring.

Delonte West gets spotted by a fan and reveals the severity of his mental health, saying sometimes he forgets he even played professional basketball

Youtuber Shiakuro bumped into Delonte West and approached him with a warm memory, stating he used to play 2k with him for many years. The pair shared a meal together, where they talked about Delonte’s life and how he went from getting help from Mark Cuban to going back to panhandling. Around the 2:15 minute mark, Delonte mentions his mental health in relation to his life at the moment and states, “I’m just losing my thoughts man. Sometimes I forget I even played basketball”.

Still, one thing about Delonte is his ability to overcome, and he seems to still have a positive outlook.

“God knows what he’s doing… If any other thing would have happened differently, then me and you wouldn’t be sitting here talking,” he stated.

You can watch the full interview down below and send a prayer up for Delonte, as well.


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