DeShaun Watson Booed During Browns Pre-Season Debut


DeShaun Watson hits the field in his Browns pre-season debut and gets booed by the entire arena mixed with explicit chants.

Cleveland Browns v Jacksonville Jaguars

Source: Mike Carlson / Getty

DeShaun Watson’s sexual misconduct allegations kept him off the field for the entirety of the last season. After a high-profile trade to the Cleveland Browns and a massive new contract, it seemed Watson’s time away from the game was over. Last month a six-game suspension was announced but the NFL is appealing the decision to allegedly seek an entire season suspension. Yesterday Watson played a preseason game and we got our first taste of how fans will react to the QB back on the field. Before the game, he apologized to women who accused him for the first time saying he was ‘truly sorry’ to the women he impacted.

DeShaun Watson Booed During Pre-Season Debut, Publicly Apologizes To Women He Impacted.

Of course, after missing so much time on the field, Watson was a bit rusty and with the added attention every move he made was under a microscope. On top of the drama of Watson being back on the field, and his rusty performance fans weren’t going to sit quietly while he was figuring it out.

Fans booed, cussed, yelled obscene phrases, and did everything in the book besides throw items on the field. It’s going to be a long stay in Cleveland for Watson. Even with all the drama, Watson could be seen smiling ear to ear happy to be back on the field. You can check out some of the creative chants fans had for Watson below.


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