Donald Trump lampoons Biden, son Hunter:’ This kid is not working out well for me’


Former President Donald Trump mocked President Biden on Saturday over his son Hunter Biden’s now-infamous discarded laptop computer.

In a diatribe that drew cheers and laughter from a New Hampshire crowd on Saturday, Mr. Trump asked why Mr. Biden was not more upset after Hunter Biden failed to retrieve the “laptop from hell” exposing “massive corruption like nobody’s ever seen before” from the Delaware repair shop.

“‘Dad I left my laptop in a repair shop,’” Mr. Trump said, recounting an imaginary conversation between Hunter Biden and his father. “‘I forgot to pick it up and this repair guy went a little crazy when he saw what was on it.’”

“‘What’s on it son?’” he continued. “‘Every crime you’ve ever committed.’”

Mr. Trump mounted his attack on the president and his prodigal son during a keynote address at the New Hampshire GOP’s annual meeting.

The speech, Mr. Trump’s first campaign address of the year, effectively kicked off the 2024 GOP nomination race.

“At what point does [Mr. Biden] finally get angry?” Mr. Trump asked, during his bit on the laptop. “You know, like: ‘This kid is not working out well for me.”

“And then the FBI goes and convinces the media that it’s Russian disinformation,” he said.

Hunter Biden’s computer, which the New York Post first exposed in the lead-up to the 2020 election, has proved to be a lasting political liability for President Biden.

The now widely authenticated laptop contains embarrassing photographs and text messages portraying Hunter Biden’s struggles with drug abuse as well as potentially incriminating evidence of Mr. Biden’s involvement with his son’s far-flung overseas business dealings.

Hunter Biden’s far-flung business deals have raised eyebrows for years about potential influence peddling and possible crimes. He served on the board of a Ukrainian natural gas company, pursued deals with Chinese Communist Party-linked energy tycoons and allegedly pocketed more than $3 million from a Russian businesswoman who is the widow of a former mayor of Moscow.

House Republicans, now in the majority and armed with subpoena power, have pledged a probe focusing on any connection Mr. Biden may have had to his son’s money-making schemes.

The now-Chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee laid out evidence in November that “raises troubling questions” about whether the president has been “compromised by foreign governments” in connection with his son’s ventures.

Citing evidence obtained from Hunter Biden’s laptop and through whistleblowers, Mr. Comer said his committee had uncovered a “decade-long pattern of influence peddling, national security risks and political cover-ups” committed by the Biden family with the knowledge and involvement of the president.

Republicans on the oversight committee said in a 31-page report that the president was directly involved in his family’s business deals, including those involving foreign interests, despite claiming he did not know the details.

The White House has consistently brushed off Republicans’ pledge to expand their inquiry. It called the lawmakers’ claims “politically motivated attacks chock-full of long-debunked conspiracy theories.”


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