Donald Trump: Legal woes part of bid to block 2024 White House run

Former President Donald Trump said that his unprecedented post-presidential legal woes are just an effort to prevent him from seeking the White House again.

In an interview that aired Thursday evening on Fox News Channel, Sean Hannity outlined all the various criminal cases and lawsuits being brought against Mr. Trump and asked him whether he thought it would end if “you announced right now I’m not running in 2024.”

“Yeah,” Mr. Trump replied.

“They’d have to make it look good, so it’d take a little while. Yeah, I think it’d go,” Mr. Trump said.

Mr. Hannity then put in that “but you’re not gonna do that, are you?”

“Nah, I like this,” the former president replied. “I like it because we’ve done such a good job.”

He later elaborated, when Mr. Hannity asked him directly, that “I’m not allowed to legally” announce that he’s running.

President Biden gave a similar answer when asked earlier this week in a “60 Minutes” interview whether he’d run — that a formal announcement of candidacy kicks in numerous legal-reporting issues.

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