Friday, September 30, 2022

Drake Confirms Run In With Swedish Police, Post Legal Documents

Drake confirms his run-in with Swedish police, posting his legal documents from the incident on his Instagram account.

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When Drake released his latest dance album Honestly, Nevermind, it came with mixed reviews. A majority of the people that enjoyed it took no time letting people know it was meant to be heard in a tropical location with no broke behavior in sight. Now, it seems there may be some truth to that as Drake has taken his jet and went across the pond, seen listening to his own album in tropical locations.

Drake Confirms run-in with Swedish Police after rumored arrest last week.

While he was jet-setting around the world rumors hit the internet that Drake was arrested in Sweden for allegedly being in possession of Marijuana. While Drake’s team quickly shot the rumors down and stated he was not arrested, Drake had other plans.

This weekend he took to Instagram to showcase his time on vacation and posted a series of images from his trip thus far. One of those images happened to be his paperwork for the Swedish police. Drake seems to confirm they tried to arrest him but he wasn’t having it. Akademiks said on his stream pretty much the same thing as its other people in his camp they can arrest but the biggest arrest in the world isn’t taking the fall. Which lead to one of the bodyguards allegedly being arrested.

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