Drake Loses $2M After Israel Adesanya Is Dethroned At UFC 281


Drake continued his expensive sports betting trend with Stake this weekend betting $2M on Israel Adesanya who was dethroned at UFC 281.

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Over the past year, the internet has joked Drake may have a gambling problem due to his insane bets with Stake. Stake is a gambling company that partnered with Drake for an undisclosed amount. Part of the partnership has Drake hosting live streams gambling his millions away. While he has hit some huge wins on the live streams, sports can always go either way. Earlier this year he placed a massive bet on Odell Beckham Jr. for the 2020 Super Bowl. Odell ended up leaving mid-game after tearing his ACL yet again. Some things you just can’t control.

Drake loses $2M Bet On Israel Adesanya After He Gets Dethroned At UFC 281

This weekend Drake got back into sports betting and posted a generous $2M bet on then-reigning UFC champion Israel Adesanya. After all, Izzy was undefeated in the UFC and hadn’t come close to losing yet so it seemed like a safe bet. The issue is Izzy was facing the only man to ever beat him during his time as a kickboxer, Alex Pereira. Izzy headed to the ring with the spooky Jigsaw theme music playing showing he was ready for action. Once the match started Izzy dominated and handled business, until the last minutes. Instead of playing it safe Izzy engaged Pereira in the last minutes and suffered a TKO. Drake’s $2M went down the drain along with Izzy’s champion pay-per-view points. Obviously, we know Izzy will bounce back and Drake’s money is unlimited so both will be ok.


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