EJ King Responds To Backlash Over IG Post Following Trial Appearance

EJ King, Megan Thee Stallion’s former stylist, couldn’t wait to extend his 15 minutes of fame after making an appearance on the stand during the rapper’s trial against Tory Lanez.

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Following his role in the case, the stylist took to Instagram to post a video of himself walking out of court featuring the theme song of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

“My day in court was exhausting but it’s over and done with,” EJ wrote in his caption. “Speak your truth and leave it there.”

A lot of fans weren’t happy with this post from EJ, saying he’s poking fun at the case and at Megan Thee Stallion’s trauma by putting the theme music from a TV show over the post. Because of all the backlash in his comments section and on Twitter, King issued a statement–not exactly apologizing, but making it clear that he’s not making light of anyone’s trauma.

“To know me is to know I put music over everything, every video, every post,” he said. “If it fits the moment, ill find a song that fits; that’s just what I do. I don’t need to poke fun at anyone’s pain or trauma or make a joke.”

He continued, “I was subpoenaed to go to court, and I know this is a very serious situation, but this was my day in court. That’s how I felt. I didn’t say names, I didn’t give any references, I didn’t do nothing of the sort.”

“You treated court like a fashion show; I treated a public thing that was going to be seen by the public so I would never look crazy,” said EJ. “I liked my outfit, I liked how I looked, and obviously, the people in court liked how I looked. I don’t need to poke fun or be insensitive to the situation. That’s yall being insensitive.”

“If you think that you’re about to be in my comments talking reckless to other people, celebs, being negative, bullying people, trying to be a savior to a cause you’re not even a part of, nobody knows you. I don’t know you,” he said.

“I don’t care what you do in your life but, I will have a full block party on this flight to Dubai, That’s what the f**k will happen today. Ya’ll weird as f**k,” he concluded

But, EJ wasn’t the only one getting of criticism for this post. A ton of celebrities flocked to the comments to support King prior to the uproar, including Joe Budden, Eva Marcille, Bria Myles, Crystal Smith, and Mimi Faust. While some of them just dropped emojis, others commented on/laughed at his music choice–including Emily B.


“The music is taking me out,” she wrote with a skull emoji on EJ’s original post.

When TheNeighborhood Talk posted screenshots of some celebrity comments, Emily took to the comments section to set the record straight, insisting she meant no harm.

“Now I usually don’t do this & respond but I’m not ok with this narrative -I would never laugh at any women’s trauma. Come on now,” the reality star wrote. “Y’all know me better than that. I have no clue what is even happening. I blindly commented. – I was commenting on a song choice not Meg or anyone else involved. Period. Have a goodnight.”

And the saga continues…

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