Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Erica Banks Under Fire For Twerking on Teens During Pep Rally

We all loved rapper Erica Banks’ viral “Buss It” challenge, but we don’t want her bussin it open in front of the chirrens.

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The “Throw A Lil Mo” rapper is currently on the hot seat for twerking in front of a predominately male crowd at Fredrick Douglass High School in Atlanta.


Erica is known for her provocative lyrics and dance moves but some adults expected her to modify her performance style for a younger audience.

On Friday, August 19th, a video began to circulate of Erica Banks performing in front of students at a pep rally.

In the snippet, the Texas rapper strolls around the high school gymnasium and stops directly in front of a crowd of teen boys. She then turns her back to the young men and begins to twerk vigorously.

The caption of the video says, “Mind you she at a high school!! Why tf you twerking for children!”


Someone else tweeted, “walked right up to them. @realericabanks this is gross. children. kids. juveniles. boys that have hardly started puberty. weirdo behavior.”



Another user passionately shared, “If you see someone defending Erica banks twerking at a HS pep rally in front of underage children don’t let them around your kid. Y’all sick af. What they do or see outside of school has nothing to do with an adult shaking her ass in their faces on purpose at a pep rally.”



Maybe the twerk spirit got a hold of her and she forgot where she was.

Although, there was an array of negative responses some people felt the performance was harmless.

One user tweeted, “They had fun…she got paid…nobody was touched…lighten up.”


The Texas rapper has not publicly addressed the incident. Any statement she makes will likely sink her deeper in the quick sand of her critics.

This is only a hiccup in her career and she will undoubtedly move past it.

Erica, just “learn from this!” in my Tyra voice.

Remember, what those Southern elders taught you – there’s a time and place for everythang. There’s just never an appropriate time to pop that thang in front of pubescents.

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