Extinction Rebellion climate protesters glued themselves to Ferrari cars at Paris Motor Show

Extinction Rebellion climate activists were arrested, eleven out of twelve total, after gluing themselves to Ferrari supercars at the Paris Motor Show Friday night.

Of the assembled environmentalist agitators, four sat on the floor with their hands glued to Ferrari cars splattered with black paint. The remainder held up a sign with words in French meaning “World of Self-Destruction.”

A thread of tweets in French from the group explained that the automotive industry causes 15% of the greenhouse gas emissions in the country and called for an end to advertising single automobiles for sale and greater investment in public transit.

“A dozen rebels occupy the stand of ‘exceptional’ cars at the motor show. They denounce a polluting industry which seeks to wash its image with ‘green’ vehicles but which continues to promote the individual car as the transport of the future,” the beginning of the Twitter thread states.

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