Fat Joe Says Rappers Are Endangered Species After PnB Rock Murder


Fat Joe joins Charlamagne The God on “Hell Of A Week” to discuss PnB Rock’s murder in Los Angeles and says Rappers are an Endangered Species.

Fat Joe's Surprise Birthday Dinner...

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After the slaying of PnB Rock in Los Angeles while eating at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles rappers and OG’s in the entertainment are offering their opinion and advising people on how to move correctly. J Prince was one of the first ones to hop on Instagram to address the senseless murder of PnB in Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles with his family.

While social media debated if PnB Rock’s girlfriend was responsible due to posting his location (which he posted first), everyone with sense focused on the fact the violence must stop.

Fat Joe Blast PnB Rock’s Killers, Says Rapper Are “Endangered Species”

Fat Joe is one of the OG’s in hip-hop speaking up about the murder of PnB Rock. He spoke briefly about it on Instagram live but he recently stopped “Hell Of A Week” with Charlamagne for a more in-depth convo.

While chatting with Charlamagne The God, Fat Joe doubled down on something first echoed by Dipset’s Jim Jones saying being a rapper is a very dangerous job. Joe also said something we all have been thinking, why kill him, why not just take whatever it is they wanted from him? After successfully robbing him taking his life just makes no sense. You can watch the full segment below.


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