Federal grand jury probing Jan. 6 subpoenas Pat Cipollone: report


A federal grand jury subpoenaed former White House Counsel Pat Cipollone as part of its investigation into the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol and actions within the Trump administration following the 2020 election.

Mr. Cipollone’s appearance will likely involve negotiations on topics that are covered by executive privilege and off-limits if he appears before the panel, according to ABC News, which cited sources with direct knowledge of the matter.

The subpoena is the latest sign the grand jury is taking a close look at actions and conversations within the Trump White House on the day of the Capitol riot.

Former Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff and counsel appeared before the panel in recent weeks.

Rioters shouted threats at Mr. Pence as the vice president tried to preside over the certification of electoral votes that confirmed President Biden’s victory.

Previously, Mr. Cipollone told the House select committee on Jan. 6 that he pushed for President Donald Trump to take a more forceful position and get his supporters to leave the Capitol.

Mr. Trump says the Jan. 6 hearings are a witch hunt designed to thwart his political ambitions in 2024.

The Department of Justice’s investigation, meanwhile, is being done behind closed doors.

Some Democrats have pressured Attorney General Merrick Garland to consider criminal charges against Mr. Trump.

Mr. Garland said his prosecutors will follow the facts where they lead.


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