Florida man tries to force way onto Space Force base to warn about aliens, dragons


A Florida man wanted to warn U.S. officials about an impending battle between dragons and aliens when he stole a truck Friday and tried to force his way onto a military base near the Kennedy Space Center, authorities said.

Corey Johnson, 29, told Brevard County sheriff’s deputies on Friday that he took a Ford F-150 pickup without the owner’s permission and drove to Patrick Space Force Base, the home of Space Launch Delta 45, the unit in charge of launching satellites into orbit on the East Coast. It also oversees the nearby Cape Canaveral Space Force Base.

Mr. Johnson claimed that President Biden told him to steal the vehicle and authorized him to get on base and issue the warning about an upcoming battle between “Chinese dragons” and “U.S. aliens,” according to local media reports.

He was arrested and faces charges for grand theft of a motor vehicle, officials said.


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