Funniest, Wildest & Messiest BOSSIP Headlines Of 2022

We had a timeeeee on Twitter

2022 was a Golden Corral buffet of shenanigans in the multiverse of madness, messy mayhem, and Elon Musk.

It was a year of more Nick Cannon babies and low vibrational plates courtesy of ‘Top Network Marketer, Entrepreneur, and Investor’ Stormy Wellington who shattered social media with her finger-lickin’ foolery.

In the now-infamous video, Wellington can be seen chastising her ‘friend/mentee’ Tammy Price over her ‘”low vibrational” plate loaded to the brim with a hamburger, hotdog, corn, and baked beans.

‘I’m the visionary,’ said Wellington while pointing her freshly licked fingers at Price’s plate. “I’m the leader. I would never eat a plate that looks like this. You couldn’t pay me a million dollars to eat like this. It’s low vibrational…

I’m a queen… a queen plate don’t look like that… if we put these two plates together–who’s royalty? They will say this person *points at her own plate with a smattering of shrimp, chicken wings, and corn before pointing her glistening finger back at Price’s plate — ‘that’s a hoodrat.”

Naturally, Twitter DRAGGED Wellington over the ridiculous video that racked up 4 million views over the weekend

Aside from ‘Coach’ Stormy’s sauce-slurping clownery, there were countless breakups, medium-breakups, and hour-long breakups in Hollyweird that shook up the internet every other day.

Overall, 2022 was a variety platter of WTFery with a slap heard ’round the world, Paula Patton‘s world-famous ‘fried chicken,’ Beyoncé dropping off an album and skrrting off, and Caresha’s romantical Diddyship that had fans/haters in a chokehold.

What was your fave BOSSIP headline of 2022? Tell us down below and enjoy ALL of the BEST BOSSIP headlines of the year on the flip.

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