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[GALLERY] Midyear Monday! 50th Anniversary Bloomington Gold Edition

[GALLERY] Midyear Monday! – 50th Anniversary Bloomington Gold Edition

Photo Credits: Steve Burns

Good day, Corvette friends. Cheers to the dawn of a new week full of opportunity and really expensive gasoline. We’re freshly returned from the 50th edition of Bloomington Gold. This year’s milestone event was held in Normal, Illinois on the campus of Illinois State University. This was the first time in over 20 years that the show had returned home to the area where it first began.

And what a great event it was! The crowds were back in large numbers both days and even some light showers on Friday couldn’t dampen spirits. Saturday’s weather couldn’t have been much better with warm temps and varying clouds throughout the day. There was a definite energy to the show that we haven’t felt in several years.

1963 Corvette Grand Sport

As this post is for Midyear Monday, let’s set the stage with some 1963–1967 Corvettes found throughout the show grounds. With so many different events, it was easy to find the next midyear Corvette. Many occupied the Certification floor inside Redbird Arena while countless others were outside and in the swap meet area. Still even more could be found in the club and general parking areas. By far, the standout midyear was Grand Sport #4 located in this year’s Gold Collection. The blue coupe from the Revs Institute commanded a crowd all weekend long.

If you haven’t yet, check out more event coverage from the 50th Bloomington Gold and their return home including our Bloomington Gold Show Recap and a look a the 50th Anniversary Gold Collection.

Now, enjoy our gallery below from the exciting weekend that was in central Illinois.


Photos by Steve Burns


[PICS] The Gold Collection at the 50th Anniversary Bloomington Gold Show

[PICS] Back to Normal at the 50th Annual Bloomington Gold Corvette Show

Bloomington Gold Heading Back Home to Celebrate its 50th Anniversary


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