Get Your Corvette Riding Right with a Suspension Kit from Volunteer Vette


Get your Corvette Riding Right with a Suspension Kit from Volunteer Vette

With the summer months ticking away some of you might be beginning to assemble that winter to-do list. If that list includes freshening up or modifying your Corvette’s suspension, then our friends at Volunteer Vette have got the stuff you need. Whether you’re looking to restore your stock configuration or upgrade for better performance or durability, check out all they offer for 1953-2013 Corvettes.

No matter what your specific application is, Volunteer has 60 years worth and 6 generations of options. Just cruise on over to their website at and click on the year range you need. Buyers can choose from individual suspension components all the way up to complete rebuild kits. Within those full rebuild kits you’ve got even more choices. Want an OEM appearance, then go with a standard rubber bushing kit. Want modern technology? Then choose a kit with urethane bushings.

Corvette Suspension Parts

You early C3 fans will want to check out their multitude of 1968 – 1972 offerings. Once over at their website, just select which end of the car you’re working on. Buyers can then peruse individual components like front end ball joints or rear strut rods. Those of you looking to start with a clean slate will want to consider their complete front or rear suspension rebuilt kits that include everything you’ll need in rubber or urethane form.

If you’re working on a restomod or just doing an upgrade on your C3 (or C2) check out their line of Shark Bite suspension components. Like the stock components, you can select from singular items like shocks or control arms all the way up to complete kits featuring sway bars up front or adjustable coilovers out back.

Shark Bite suspension components

As you can see, if you’ve got a suspension project, Volunteer Vette likely has exactly what you need. Whether it’s a front stabilizer bracket for a C1 or a complete rebuild kit for a C6 , or anything in between, your parts are just a few clicks away.

Check out all they have to offer below.

C1: 1953 – 1962

C2: 1963 – 1967

C3: 1968 – 1972, 1973 – 1977, 1978 – 1982

C4: 1984 – 1996

C5: 1997 – 2004

C6: 2005 – 2013

If you have a problem or a question about your Corvette’s suspension or any other Volunteer Vette product, you can talk to one of their product experts who will help you find the solution you’re looking for. When you place an order, most ship the same or the next day. Give them a call today at (865) 521-9100 or send an email to [email protected]

Request a Free Volunteer Vette Parts Catalog

You can find the entire parts catalog for Volunteer Vette online at their website, Corvette owners can also request a printed catalog for those who prefer the old-school method of shopping for automotive parts. Click here to request your free Corvette Parts catalog from Volunteer Vette or call (865) 521-9100 to speak with one of their helpful representatives.


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