GOP’s Doug Ducey leaves handwritten letter to Arizona Gov.-elect Katie Hobbs


Departing Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey congratulated his successor, Katie Hobbs, and wished her well in a handwritten letter as he ceded way to the Democrat on Monday.

In the letter, the Republican Mr. Ducey said he is only a “phone call away” if Ms. Hobbs ever needs anything. He said the governor’s job is challenging but rewarding.

“It is the greatest job in politics and [an] immense responsibility. I know you will serve the people of Arizona well,” Mr. Ducey wrote.

Ms. Hobbs won the position over Kari Lake, a former television news anchor and Republican firebrand who aligned herself with former President Donald Trump and questioned the election results.

Ms. Hobbs, the former Arizona secretary of state, will have to work with a legislature that Republicans control.

She will enjoy a forecasted budget surplus for the coming year but faces a number of challenges, including high inflation and soaring housing costs in the Phoenix area, and lingering concerns about drought and the water supply, according to ABC15 Arizona.

One of Mr. Ducey’s last acts as governor was to begin the removal of shipping containers that served as a makeshift border wall with Mexico near Yuma and other parts of Arizona.

The departing governor agreed to dismantle the container wall after a legal dispute with the Biden administration.


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