GOP’s Kari Lake floats preemptive stolen election claims ahead of Arizona gubernatorial primary


Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is warning voters that “stealing” is already underway in Tuesday’s primary election.

Ms. Lake, a former television news anchor who has former President Donald Trump’s support and backs his stolen 2020 election allegations, delivered the warning about more election fraud in a speech this week to the North Valley Constitutional Republicans. 

“I’m telling you right now, anybody trying to steal this, first of all, we’re already detecting some stealing going on, but you guys know I’m a fighter right?” Ms. Lake said, according to The Arizona Republic. “You haven’t seen me when they try to steal something. I’m gonna go supernova radioactive. We’re not gonna let them steal an election.”

Ms. Lake is locked in a competitive primary race against Karrin Taylor Robson, who has the backing of former Vice President Mike Pence and outgoing Gov. Doug Ducey, a Republican.

Mr. Pence and Mr. Ducey refused to embrace Mr. Trump’s stolen election claims, saying they lacked the authority to overturn the results, and most scholars agree.

The Jan. 6 House select committee hearings on Capitol Hill have since shown Mr. Trump pushed ahead with the claims in the face of pushback from members of his administration, who said the allegations were unverifiable or the instances of fraud too minor to change the outcome.

The rigged charge, however, still resonates among Mr. Trump’s most loyal supporters more than 18 months after President Biden was sworn into office.

Trump-backed candidates that have lost primary races have pulled a page out of the Trump playbook by demanding recounts of their primary races and suggesting voter fraud led to their downfalls.

Ms. Lake’s campaign did not respond to the Arizona newspaper’s request for proof to back up her claims.

Mr. Trump also raised suspicions about the 2020 election before Election Day, planting seeds of doubt over the eventual outcome before voters had the final say.


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