Hillary Clinton rules out riding to Democratic Party’s rescue in 2024


Voters may not be sold on a Biden reelection bid in 2024, but Hillary Clinton insists she won’t seek the presidency after coming up short twice.

Asked if she could imagine running again, she replied emphatically in the negative, deferring to President Biden.

“No, out of the question,” Mrs. Clinton told the Financial Times in a Friday interview. “First of all, I expect Biden to run. He certainly intends to run. It would be very disruptive to challenge that.”

Mrs. Clinton said in March on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that she would not seek the 2024 Democratic presidential nod, but her refusal failed to squelch the speculation, given Mr. Biden’s age and tanking poll numbers.

She lost the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump and the 2008 Democratic primary to Barack Obama, who went on to win two terms in the White House.

Mrs. Clinton, 74, also said she expects Mr. Trump to throw his hat in the ring again after losing the 2020 race to Mr. Biden, who turns 82 two weeks after the November 2024 election.

“I think if he can he’s going to run again,” Mrs. Clinton said. “Follow the money with Trump — he’s raised about $130 million sitting in his bank account that he used to travel around, to fund organizing against elections . . . I don’t know who will challenge him in the Republican primary.”

A Yahoo News/YouGov poll of 1,541 U.S. adults released Friday showed that Mr. Trump would defeat Mr. Biden in a hypothetical 2024 match-up by 42-39%.

In addition, 64% said Mr. Biden should not run again, while 21% said he should and 15% were undecided.


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