Howard Stern thinks Trump supporters should live in Russia for a year


Howard Stern thinks supporters of former President Donald Trump should spend a year living in Russia.

The famed radio host took issue with our “nation of nincompoops” during his first show back from a summer vacation on Tuesday, and pointed the finger at the former president’s base.

“I feel the people in this country who support all this nonsense and lies and bulls–t about the election and all the conspiracy theories. I think … they have never lived under a dictator,” Mr. Stern said.

These “morons,” Mr. Stern continued, should go and live under “that f–k nut [Vladimir] Putin” for a year to get a better appreciation of our democratic system, referring to Russia’s president.

Mr. Stern, who described himself as a “normal conservative” that doesn’t blindly follow a fearless leader, felt that a sizable portion of the public is as intelligent as a cro-magnon man — one of the early ancestors of modern humans.

“The public is stupid. People are just dumb,” Mr. Stern said. “You ever see that chart where man is crawling out of the sea? There’s a lot of people still in the sea. You’re just dumb. They’re just dumb motherf—s.”


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