Instagram Glitch Tells Users Their Accounts Have Been Suspended


Instagram suffers an outage that causes some users’ accounts to show up suspended, causing widespread panic among users.

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Instagram has experienced a number of outages this year and unfortunately, when the service goes down it isn’t immediately clear what’s going on. For some users when the app goes down it looks as if they have been suspended. This causes fear and panic with users thinking their social media has been reset to zero but usually that never happens.

Instagram Goes Offline, Glitch Tells Some Ushers Their Accounts Have Been Suspended

Today Instagram went down again but this time gave more fear than ever before. Some users that tried to log into their account were met with a notification their account was suspended.

Instagram confirmed the outage and apologized for the inconvenience while they investigate the issue. In addition to suspended accounts, people saw their followers drop dramatically depending on how many followers they had. The follower account dropping is a direct reflection of how many accounts were impacted by the suspension glitch. We often talk about social media being an addiction and the response to the glitch has shown how real it really is. Of course, Instagram will figure this problem out but how long it will take is unclear.


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