James Weems arrested for molesting children at wife’s daycare


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Yesterday, we reported on a woman in the DMV named Shanteari Weems area who shot her husband, 57-year-old James Weems, after he was accused by multiple children of molesting them at her daycare center. Today, there is a very significant update to that story…

Ex-Cop Shot By Wife Arrested For Sexually Abusing Children At Daycare

One of the things we mentioned in the original post was the fact that this case had gained traction on social media and people have been calling for Shanteari Weems to be freed from jail. We’re sure that those voices will grow even louder as this news circulates timelines.

According to The Baltimore Banner, James S. Weems has been arrested and charged with a bevy of sick sexual crimes against the children who attended his wife’s Lil’ Kidz Kastle daycare facility. The county police say they have been investigating the retired police officer since earlier this month prior to the shooting. As of this moment, Weems is facing 13 counts related to three victims, including two counts of a third-degree sex offense, three counts of second-degree assault, and one count of displaying obscene material to a minor.


At the end of the day, she was not only protecting herself but also protecting those kids. If Kyle Rittenhouse’s shooting can be considered self-defense then dammit so should this. Police say after Shanteari was arrested, they found some evidence in the hotel room that will most likely be used in an attempt to lock her up for a very long time.

D.C. police also found a notebook in the hotel room with handwritten notes in which the author wrote that they wanted to shoot the victim but not kill him, but maybe cause paralysis, and that they “want these kids to get justice.” The notebook also included an informal will distributing belongings.

Lawyers can be a slimy bunch. They know all the loopholes and legal back doors to get their clients off of all types of charges. Get to work!


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