Jaylen Lewis family demands answers about fatal police shooting


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We hope and pray that we see a real decrease in Black people being gunned down by police but we’d be lying to tell you that we are optimistic about that ask.

According to Yahoo! Sports, Jaylen Lewis’ family is demanding transparency from law enforcement officials about the 25-year-old’s shooting death back in September of last year. Lewis was sitting a red light with another woman when a member of the Mississippi’s Capitol Police shot him in the head. Numerous officers were placed on administrative leave following the incident but the family has not gotten any information about what progress has been made.

“In my opinion, the state capitol police are moving like a gang. That’s what their strategy and technique [is] like. They only have targeted Black people so far. I don’t know how the citizens of Jackson, Mississippi are supposed to feel like they are protecting us when all they have truly done is harm Black people,”

Jaylen’s mother, Arkela Lewis, says simply, “We are just waiting for answers.”

Below, you can swipe through the Instagram post to watch a couple of clips of a Tik Tok video that Jaylen’s sister, Alexis Lewis, and a friend explain what happened the night Jaylen was killed. They are the only other eyewitnesses to the police violence.

We will continue to update this story in hopes that enough public pressure can be applied to the Mississippi Capitol Police to get answers for Jaylen’s family.


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