Joe Manchin skirts whether he’ll run for reelection, as GOP challengers line up

Sen. Joe Manchin III continued Thursday to dodge questions on whether the moderate Democrat will seek reelection in 2024, as Republican challengers eye the race.

Mr. Manchin filibustered on whether he’ll seek a third term in red state West Virginia on the heels of helping President Biden advance his domestic agenda last year with a major tax-and-climate-spending package known as the Inflation Reduction Act.

“I have no idea what I’m going to do in 2024. I really don’t. I’ve been at this for quite some time. But I’ve never been able to be pigeonholed,” Mr. Manchin said during a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. “I’ve never been afraid of losing. That’s the smallest price I can pay to do what I think is right.”

His indecisiveness has not stopped GOP hopefuls from eyeing the seat. Rep. Alex Mooney officially announced his bid just days after the November midterm elections, while Gov. Jim Justice said last week he is “seriously considering running for Senate.”

“I don’t look at Democrats and Republicans. I don’t look at the party. Are you on the right or the left? I’m an American party,” Mr. Manchin said. “I want my country to be as strong as it can to help all of our allies.”

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