Justin And Alexis Consummate Their Marriage

Sayonara celibacy!

A Married At First Sight couple’s commenting on consummating their marriage and BOSSIP’s giving you an exclusive look.

During tonight’s episode of #MAFS airing at 8/7 c on Lifetime, viewers will see Justin and Alexis finally enjoy intimacy in their relationship after going through some hurdles. One of those hurdles centered around Alexis’ partying habits that Justin didn’t approve of.

Justin And Alexis

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The two were counseled by new #MAFS guest expert DeVon Franklin, who asked Alexis about her clubbing, and the bride admitted that it makes her “feel free” while marriage makes her feel “smothered.”

Franklin encouraged Alexis to compromise with her spouse and find an activity that allows them to both feel free while enjoying it together.

Now, it looks like Justin and Alexis indeed did find a “freeing” activity—but their happy marriage consummation is marred by tension.

“Married At First Sight” Season 15 Exclusive Clip

In an exclusive clip, we see Justin and Alexis talk about coming together as husband and wife.

A beaming Alexis is happy about sharing something so special with her husband, but Justin still has some doubts about their bond.

Justin And Alexis: Married At First Sight

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The #MAFS husband who was celibate prior to marrying his wife apparently isn’t as enthused about their intimacy as Alexis.

“Do you think the energy has changed?” asks Alexis.

“No, I don’t think so,” says Justin despite Alexis saying that he seems “more relaxed” considering that they broke the sexual tension.

“I mean I enjoyed it, it’s great you know I thought it was a beautiful thing but I feel like my energy is the same,” says Justin. “You know I look at the big picture and I’m looking at it more long term.”

Justin And Alexis: Married At First Sight

Source: Kinetic Content / Married at First Sight

Justin then tells the #MAFS cameras his real hangup; Decision Day.

Justin is wondering if he and his wife have had enough time to get to know each other as the time ticks closer to the 8-week mark.

“I was celibate, and sex isn’t just sex to me,” says Justin. “Like if I’m gonna give myself to you it’s special. I’m glad it happened ,it took a while but I mean when it comes to my wife I’m still learning her and so the more we learn about each other the more we appreciate the more we learn how to react to each other, we ain’t gonna learn that in eight weeks,” he adds.

Justin And Alexis: Married At First Sight

Source: Kinetic Content / Married at First Sight

He continues that thought, this time with Alexis,

“Everything’s been expedited you know,” says Justin. “This eight weeks—like I can’t say I’ve given my all in eight weeks. I’m processing a lot of stuff [and] I need more time.”


Alexis however isn’t worried.

“Why do you take that much time?” asks Alexis. “I am a confident woman and I know what I want when I want it.  I just need to know your characteristics,” she adds. “I just need to know how you’ll react because if I understand you I can apply this same concept to everything else.”

Justin And Alexis: Married At First Sight

Source: Kinetic Content / Married at First Sight

Despite Alexis’ optimism, Justin is still taking a more pessimistic approach.

“Yeah, remember that that thing where I told you I’m worried about you quitting?” asks Justin. “I feel like that’s what you’re gonna do.”


Take an exclusive look below.

What do YOU think about Justin and Alexis’ differences in opinions on intimacy?

Viewers will not only see this moment between Justin and Alexis, but they’ll also see Stacia and Nate having much more fun than these two when it comes to their bedroom behavior.


A new episode of Married at First Sight airs TONIGHT Wednesday, October 5, at 8/7 c on Lifetime!

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