Kanye West Responds To Stephen Jacksons On Parler


After being restricted on Instagram for 30 days Kanye West took to Parler to respond to Stephen Jackson’s viral video criticizing his response to the mother of George Floyd’s daughter.

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When Kanye West called out the mother of George Floyd’s daughter over the $250M lawsuit for his comments on Drink Champs, Stephen Jackson stepped in to address Ye. Ye insisted the $2M dollars he donated to the Floyd family was more than anyone else criticizing him did for the family and blasted the lawsuit. Jackson revealed that Roxie only received $250k from Ye which is far less than $2M but still a surprising amount.

Stephen posted a follow-up video revealing people were reaching out to him to defend Kanye and he wasn’t having it. He also called out Ye for losing his wife Kim Kardashian and then choosing to seem woke in the aftermath.

Kanye West Responds To Stephen Jackson On Parler After Being Restricted On Instagram For 30 Days

We all assumed Stephen Jackson would receive a response from Ye on Instagram but Meta confirmed Kanye was restricted for 30 days due to one of his previous posts.

“We deleted content from @kanyewest for violating our policies and placed a restriction on the account,” a Meta spokesperson told Complex via email. “We may place restrictions on accounts that repeatedly break our rules, for example, we may temporarily restrict them from posting, commenting, or sending DMs.”

Luckily for Ye, he has his own social media platform Parler, and that’s exactly where he went to continue his social media posts.

Ye alleges he was suspended from Instagram over a post telling Russell Simmons he was staying in America to help make the contracts fair with who he refers to as “You Know Who”. After that post, Ye addressed Stephen Jackson directly and offered a trade-off over their disagreement.

My name is Ye Stephen I gave 2 million to the family Then Roxie threatened to sue me because I gave a

different perspective I been going light actually I got suspended from Instagram for 30 days for my truth I’m a digital prisoner right now but If you keep talking Ima keep talking If you shut the f*ck up I’ll leave it alone

Hopefully, both can put this feud behind them and move on and let George Floyd rest and his family heal.


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