Kevin Hart Gifts Chris Rock Goat Named Will Smith During MSG Show


Kevin Hart and Chris Rock surprise Madison Square Garden with Dave Chappelle opener and Chris is gifted a goat with a cliché name.

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This past weekend, Chris Rock and Kevin Hart brought their Headliners Only mini-tour to New York’s historic Madison Square Garden and no matter how you feel about the New York Knicks, MSG is still demanding of your A-game if you perform in that building. Luckily for the sold-out crowd that’s exactly what the duo brought for folks looking to have a great night of laughs.

Dave Chappelle Stuns The Crowd Opening For Chris Rock & Kevin Hart

Dave Chappelle kicked off the night of comedy as the surprise headliner, claiming he had to sneak in while making reference to his recent Minneapolis show being moved after the venue staff’s backlash. Chappelle also frequently mentioned cancel culture, which got the crowd cheering, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

THR adds that during his set, Chappelle also mentioned his Hollywood Bowl attack and said that he hopes his attacker catches Monkey Pox in jail. Kevin Hart and Chris Rock both came after and dominated their sets before all three men returned to the stage. During their trio time on stage, Kevin Hart presented Chris Rock with a real life goat, to which Rock quickly proclaimed,

“I’m not taking care of that sh*t!”

Kevin continued to reference the goat and likened it to him believing that Chris Rock is the “greatest of all time.” While making that quip, Dave Chappelle jokingly interrupted to say, “This is the worst night of this goat’s life.”

Before long, the topic of what to call the goat came up and Kevin Hart quickly responded, “Will Smith!” reports THR.


The night reportedly ended with Dave Chappelle having a serious moment and thanking Rock and Hart for always having his back amid their brotherly bond.


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