Kraft Heinz and Jeff Bezos-backed startup NotCo to test new animal-free cheese in Cleveland


Kraft Heinz Co. and Jeff Bezos-backed startup NotCo are bringing plant-based, animal-free cheese to Cleveland eight months after announcing their partnership.

The “Not Cheese” product is set to begin its market test in Cleveland beginning in early November, with a nationwide rollout slated to happen by the end of 2023. 

“Not Cheese” looks like Kraft’s orange single slices of American cheese and is made of water, modified corn starch, coconut oil and chickpea protein.

The final price for the product has not yet been determined.

Animal-free mayonnaise is also in the cards, with a rollout being currently targeted for early 2023.

The deal between NotCo and Kraft Heinz was first announced in late February. It provided Kraft Heinz an opportunity to test the waters of the vegan substitute market without having to heavily invest in research and development.

“Sometimes to be more effective and more efficient you have to bring partners to help you on the journey,” Kraft Heinz CEO Miguel Patricio told Bloomberg News.

In February, NotCo CEO Matias Muchnick said the partnership was an “exciting milestone for the plant-based industry and shows the power of technology’s role in driving mainstream adoption. We’re thrilled to partner with Kraft Heinz and their iconic brands.” 


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