Kudos to Van Bortel Chevrolet for Selling this Canceled C8 Order at MSRP

Kudos to Van Bortel Chevrolet for Selling this Canceled C8 Order at MSRP

We know there are more than a few Chevrolet dealers who would absolutely take delight in being able to sell a canceled C8 Corvette order for thousands over its original MSRP. So when we get an example of a dealer doing the right thing, we thought we would put a bit of a spotlight on them and say thanks on behalf of Corvette enthusiasts.

Upstate New York’s Van Bortel Chevrolet was a previous advertiser here, and we’ve only known them to be a first-class operation. Today, we received an email (we are still on their mailing list) for a 2023 Corvette Stingray Convertible originally built for a customer who had to cancel his order. Instead of adding a $15K market adjustment to the price and throwing it up on Autotrader, Van Bortel is offering the car at MSRP with the only stipulation that you be a New York State resident.

We have no stake in advertising this Corvette, and I’m simply passing the info along to someone who hopefully will enjoy it instead of flipping it. Maybe they sell others at over MSRP, I have no idea. Just nice to see MSRP offered for a nicely optioned C8 HTC. Thanks again to Van Bortel Chevrolet for showing how to treat its customers.


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