Kyrie Irving Returns To The Nets After 8 Game Suspension


Kyrie Irving finally gets his return to the court which brought out Hebrew Israelites to support who Jaylen Brown mistook for Ques.

Brooklyn Nets v Boston Celtics - Game Two

Source: Maddie Meyer / Getty

The Brooklyn Nets and Kyrie Irving saga has finally come to a close, for now. Irving was hit with a five-game suspension after sharing a link to what has been deemed an anti-semitic video. Even though he didn’t add a caption or an opinion the outrage was still loud. As Dave Chappelle puts it Kanye West’s antisemitism got so much backlash it caused Kyrie to get in trouble. After completing his suspension tasks Kyrie returned to the team last night.

Kyrie Irving Returns To The Brooklyn Nets, Jaylen Brown Mistakes Hebrew Israelites Outside The Stadium As Ques & Later Apologies

Before the game, yesterday Hebrew Israelites lined up outside the stadium to display their support for Kyrie Irving in his return. Celtics star Jaylen Brown saw this and mistook them for the fraternity Omega Psi Phi.

Immediately fans were in Brown’s mentions pointing out the beliefs of Hebrew Israelites and Jaylen was forced to backtrack expeditiously.

Jaylen has been a big supporter of Kanye West and Kyrie Irving throughout their anti-semitic backlash. He claims he was just happy to see black men supporting Irving. Hopefully, he doesn’t become the focus of backlash after his tweets.


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