LAPD Alerts Pawn Shops To Lookout For PnB Rock’s Stolen Jewelry


After the fatal shooting of Rapper PnB Rock LAPD is putting pawn shops on alert for his stolen Jewelery that could help catch the killer.

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Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

Earlier this week Philly Rapper PnB Rock was fatally shot in the chest while dining at Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles in South Los Angeles. Since his murder in broad day light police are in over drive trying to locate the shooter without many clues. Police have revealed the shooter entered the restaurant fired the fatal shot then left out a side door entering a getaway vehicle.

Police Reportedly Believe An Instagram Post Tipped The Killers Off & Have Put Pawn Shops On High Alert Over His Stolen Jewelry

According to People Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore said it was likely an Instagram post “alerted the assailant to the rapper’s location”. For now police are searching security footage for clues and per TMZ police have alerted numerous pawn shops to keep an eye out for his jewelry in case anyone tries to make money off it. They spoke to those close to him to for descriptions of the items taken and are confident they will make an arrest and that the jewelry will turn up eventually. Being caught with the Jewelery would put a direct link to the crime and ultimately lead to cracking the case.


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