Lauren London Shares Hilarious Story Of Meeting Jonah Hill


Lauren London /Los Angeles Premiere Of Netflix's "You People" - Arrivals

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Lauren London drops by the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon & shares a hilarious story of meeting ‘You People’ co-host Jonah Hill for the first time.

Actress Lauren London is set to star as a love interest opposite Jonah Hill in the Netflix film You People. The pair will cross paths by chance in a Uber mix-up before becoming romantically involved despite very different backgrounds. Lauren dropped by the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and talked about the film.

Lauren London Shares Hilarious Story About Meeting ‘You People’ Co-Host Jonah Hill For The First Time On The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

While on the show Lauren London gave a funny story of going to meet Jonah Hill before filming began. She explained she drove to meet her future co-star and someone was blocking the valet parking entrance with their van.

“When we first met, we met, like – I think we had a meeting like a couple of weeks before we shot. And he had this big van parked in the valet and I’m like trying to get in, I’m honkin’ like, ‘who is blocking?”

“And he comes out, like, ‘I think I’m supposed to meet you today.’ And I’m like, ‘oh, you are. How are you doin’?”

“Jonah is really my homeboy in real life,” she said. “I love me some Jonah Hill,” Lauren said, explaining they’ve become real-life friends.

When Jimmy Fallon asked if director Kenya Barris had to ‘beg’ for her to join the cast and she responded that wasn’t the case but there were concerns about the role.

“He didn’t have to beg me. But I wasn’t sure if this was aligned with where I was going, work-wise.”

“I just wanted to make sure that, yes, the story had – it was a brilliant script and it was extremely funny. But that the story had – there was more to be told than just the comedy and I wanted to make sure that the soul was in there. And so those were my concerns.”

It seems her concerns were answered correctly and the rest is history. You People has a star-studded cast that also includes Eddie Murphy, Nia Long, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and David Duchovny. You can stream the movie now on Netflix.


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