“Life After Lockup” Brittany Learns Marcelino Sexted Her Friend


Whatever happened to girl code?!

Life After Lockup 2022 Key Art

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We’re just a day away from a brand new episode of “Life After Lockup” and we’ve got an exclusive sneak preview clip for your viewing pleasure. The clip involves OG “Lockup” couple Brittany and Marcelino and shows Brittany on her way to confront her “friend” Amanda outside her job. So it seems that Marcelino has been inappropriately texting Amanda and while she did open up to Brittany about it, she didn’t come completely clean about her own role. Brittany is devastated by Amanda’s betrayal but is it possible that her friend really is more innocent than she seems?

Check out the clip below:

Man it’s so hard watching these OG’s going out sad… We just keep hoping Marcelino will throw his pride to the side and beg for forgiveness. Marriage gets so hard but after all these years can they really throw it all away?

Here’s what else to expect from Friday’s “Life After Lockup”:

Tayler and Chance have major secrets they’ve been hiding from each other. Meanwhile, Branwin receives a mystery call.

Have you been keeping up this season? Which couple’s storyline are you most invested in? We’ve been on the edge of our seats with this Brittany and Marcelino stuff but we’re loving watching Britney and Ray get closer to making it to the altar. Who are your faves?

The new episode of “Life After Lockup” airs Friday, September 9th at 9pm EST / 8pm CST on WeTV

Will you be watching?


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