Lil Baby Denies Any Underlying Issues With Migos

While promoting his new album “It’s Only Me” Lil Baby is asked about issues fellow Quality Control artists Migos and denies any problems.

Lil Baby Birthday Bash

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Lil Baby’s rumored beef with the MIGOS has so far just been internet chatter as Baby nor any member of the Migos has said anything directly in the public eye. The internet has claimed 4PF allegedly stripped Offset outside of a venue in Atlanta two years ago and has been on the case ever since.

While this was never confirmed or denied fans noticed that Offset allegedly unfollowed Lil Baby soon after. In the summer of 2021, Lil Baby and Migos both performed at the Logan Paul Vs. Floyd Mayweather boxing match. This event seemingly went off without an issue known to the public. Oddly enough Lil Baby took to Instagram for a quick post-and-delete after the event posting “ain’t none but a lil bit of straightening” with seven crying emojis mocking the group’s new single and heating up rumors. Things stayed quiet until eagle-eyed fans spotted who they claim is Lil Baby in a picture posted by Quavo’s ex Saweetie followed by gossip the two were together in NYC on a lavish shopping spree. Quavo quickly went to Instagram as Lil Baby did previously writing “Ain’t trippin we can swap it out! #QCTHELABEL”. Lil Baby indirectly shot down the rumor claiming he’s single without answering any questions about the evidence.

Lil Baby Denies Any Bad-blood Between Him And The Migos

Lil Baby released his latest album “It’s Only Me” this weekend and fans instigating the Migos and Baby feud immediately picked up a line on the song “Stand On It”.

Lil Baby seemingly responds to Quavo’s Instagram post with the lyrics “I don’t want yo b*tch, we can’t swap out (Swap out)/ They ain’t on sh*t, tell ’em to pop out (Pop out)”. Later in the album on the track “Not Finished” he raps “She post a picture without my permission/ Got me in some sh*t, man, these women is wild”.

Of course, this was caught by fans as him responding to Saweetie leaking an alleged picture of them on her finsta but it could fit anyone, not just Saweetie. After all this back and forth Lil Baby was directly asked if he had any issues with the Migos during an interview with Posted on the Corner.

“Hell nah,” Lil Baby directly replied. “I be wanting to comment on that type of stuff, but I just feel like when I comment on something, it just make it bigger.” Lil Baby continued, “First of all, I really don’t see sh*t on the internet. Like people send me sh*t and I be wanting to comment, but then I be feeling like that’s just gon’ make it like, even more,”

His answer was direct as possible but with all the history and lack of music together will be enough to hush instigating fans? Spoiler Alert, probably not.

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