Loni Love Faces Her Fear Of Sharks On ‘Oh Hell No’ Finale


Loni Love is one of our television favorites, but can she remain funny while she’s facing her worst fears?

Oh Hell No with Marlon Wayans

Source: Courtesy / Meta

Marlon Wayans Helps Loni Love Face Her Fear Of Sharks

It’s hard to believe, but the finale of Oh Hell No With Marlon Wayans is this Wednesday and he’s got a very special guest for the episode — Loni Love. We’ve got an exclusive sneak preview clip of Loni preparing to take on Marlon’s challenge. Check it out below:

It turns out that Marlon is using Loni Love as shark bait as she tries to overcome her fear of great whites! Her VR plunge will have her inches from some of the ocean’s most aggressive sea creatures. Experience the deep dive challenge yourself by using your Meta Quest headset now.

Catch the finale episode of Oh Hell No with Marlon Wayans this Wednesday, November 30 at 9amPT/12pmET. You can watch on Marlon’s Facebook and Instagram or Messenger’s Watch Together. Meta Quest 2 users can experience the same VR scares as the show’s celebrity guests on Meta Quest TV.

What’s been your favorite episode of Oh Hell No with Marlon Wayans? We’re looking forward to this Loni Love episode but Kelly Rowland was definitely a highlight for us.


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