Looks Like the Q9A Wheel Constraint is Going to be Lifted so Chevy Can Build the 70th Anniversary Stingrays


Looks Like the Q9A Wheel Constraint is Going to be Lifted so Chevy Can Build the 70th Anniversary Stingrays

Photo Credit: Keith Cornett

With the upcoming monthly order cycle for the 2023 Corvette Stingrays getting ready to start, we are getting the feeling that Chevrolet is finally ready to start building the 70th Anniversary models for its customers.

Since the 2023 Corvette Stingrays started production in mid-May, the 70th Anniversary models have not been available due to a constraint on the exclusive 20-spoke Q9A wheels with the red stripe. However, Chevrolet was recently able to come up with enough wheels to run a batch through the Corvette Assembly Plant just prior to the 4th of July summer shutdown.

National Corvette Seller Mike Furman received one of the first 70th Anniversary Editions in the country, taking delivery last Friday of a Pearl White Convertible wearing VIN 007. We also saw another White 70th Anniversary model arrive at Ciocca as well.

With these initial cars now built, dealers are starting to see movement with their 70th Anniversary orders.

In his 70th Anniversary delivery post on Facebook, Mike said he is starting to see the first target production weeks for these “70th” Corvettes to start 8/8/22.

We also got a heads up on the constraints from Chevy dealer rep Corvette Ed, who replied to a constraints-related thread on the MidEngineCorvetteForum with this positive message, saying “The wheel Q9A wheels and 70 Anniversary package are not on constraint this week. Also, 90% of Z51 orders can have magnetic ride control.

That’s even better news than expected with the MagRide almost available for anyone to order. Magnetic Ride Select Control has been on limited constraint since March and we know that has caused all kinds of havoc during the ordering cycles. Dealers have had to scramble in lining up allocations while customers were sometimes forced to make the difficult decision to either wait or pony up the extra $6,345 for the Z51 Performance Package so they could order the $1,895 MagRide option.

Like we said, good news!

Are you having a 70th Anniversary Corvette made just for you? Let us know in the comments below.



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