Make Quick Work of Fingerprints, Dust, and Water Spots with GTECHNIQ’s Quick Detailer


Make Quick Work of Fingerprints, Dust, and Water Spots with GTECHNIQ's Quick Detailer

Born out of pure science and a love of cars, GTECHNIQ’s line of quality protective coatings are designed to keep your Corvette’s exterior safe from the elements and everything else you might encounter on your daily driving adventures. Developed by a quantum physicist named Drew Gill, GTECHNIQ’s specialty formulas work at the molecular level by incorporating its smart surface science into every product.

GTECHNIQ’s QD Quick Detailer is another great product that should be in the arsenal of any Corvette enthusiast who is passionate about taking care of their rides. Designed to make your life easier, Quick Detailer is a spray-on and buff-out product that works on your Corvette’s exterior, plastic trim, and wheels. You’ll make quick work in buffing away watermarks, fingerprints, dust, and other contaminants, leaving behind a great shine.

Quick Detailer is compatible with all GTECHNIQ coatings and products, and you can also layer its application to boost gloss, slickness, and durability. Quick Detailer is no substitute for washing your Corvette and it’s not a “waterless wash” as some other quick detailing products boast. But if you see water spots, dust, fingerprints, bugs, or bird droppings that you need to remove without rewashing your whole car, Quick Detailer provides a safe and easy way to do so.

The secret to using Quick Detailer effectively is to shake well and then use a very light spritz either directly on the panel or onto an MF1 ZeroR Microfibre Buff Cloth. As you wipe down the product on the panel, keep turning over your clean dry microfiber towel until the area is clean, dry, and streak-free.

The key is to use the lubrication properties of Quick Detailer to buff away those slight imperfections. Using too much Quick Detailer leads to streaking and smearing of the product on the exterior, and you’ll also want to avoid applying Quick Detailer in the bright sun. Quick Detailer can also be used as a lubricant for clay barring your Corvette.

Make Quick Work of Fingerprints, Dust, and Water Spots with GTECHNIQ's Quick Detailer

GTECHNIQ’s Quick Detailer has a two-year shelf life, and for best results, GTECHNIQ recommends using it within one year of opening to ensure the best performance.

GTECHNIQ QD Quick Detailer is offered in a 500ml spray bottle for $12.95 or try to 250ml spray for $7.95.

For Corvette owners wanting the ultimate gloss level, check out this video featuring GTECHNIQ’s C2v3 Liquid Crystal Spray and the QD Quick Detailer:





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