Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Man Arrested For Keeping Portion Of 15 Bricks That Washed Ashore

A Mississippi man is behind bars after trying to keep a portion of 15 bricks that washed ashore at Mississippi Beach.

Coast Guard Seizes $23 Million In Cocaine In Caribbean Raid

Source: Joe Raedle / Getty

Stories of kilos of drugs washing up beach side happen to hit the news every few months and if you ever wondered what happens when you try to keep the drugs, we’ve got an answer for you. In Florida, it seems drugs washing ashore is something that happens at least once a month. By now, locals know to contact the coast guard and other authorities and let them handle it.

15 Bricks Of Cocaine Wash Up On Mississippi Beach, Man Arrested After Trying To Keep A Portion.

According to Complex, 15 Kilos of cocaine washed up on Mississippi Beach, a place that isn’t too used to that kind of situation. The discovery was made by volunteers for Keesler Air Force Base who were cleaning the beach. They initially found eight bricks and then the others after they continued cleaning the area.

Biloxi police later announced someone else happened to find some of the drugs as well. Joey Lee Ware, 37, was found with a brick and half of the coke, which featured a distinct Dior label. Police quickly realized he had taken some of the drugs that washed up on the beach and charged him with aggravated trafficking of a controlled substance.

So, if you ever find drugs that wash up on the beach, don’t run off with them.

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