Monday, September 26, 2022

Man who attacked Rep. Lee Zeldin, David Jacubonis, on stage arrested on federal charge

The man who attacked Rep. Lee Zeldin, the GOP nominee for New York governor, was arrested on Saturday, facing federal charges.

Police charged David Jacubonis, 48, with assaulting a member of Congress. He is expected to make a court appearance Saturday afternoon.

Mr. Jacubonis was initially arrested on second-degree state charges of attempted assault but was released on Thursday on his own recognizance shortly after the incident where he jumped the stage and tried to attack the candidate at an upstate event. Mr. Zeldin escaped the incident without serious injury.

Mr. Zeldin took the opportunity to message on the law and order, promising to fire district attorneys who do not enforce the law.

“We cannot live in a state where someone who commits a felony trying to stab me on stage at a campaign rally then gets immediately released,” Mr. Zeldin said. “New York’s cashless bail law must be repealed! Kathy Hochul refuses to get this job done. I will!”

Mr. Zeldin said he will beef up his security personnel for the rest of the campaign until November, while he challenges Ms. Hochul.

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