Maryland, Virginia ranked as best states to be teachers; D.C. ranked among the worst

Maryland and Virginia are two of the best places to be a teacher while D.C. is one of the worst, according to a new report.

WalletHub ranked Virginia as the third best state for teachers in the nation, with Maryland not far behind in ninth place. In contrast, the District ranked 49th out of 51 total entries.

The report looked at two main categories to determine its rankings: “Opportunity & Competition” as well as “Academic & Work Environment.”

“Because competitive salaries and job security are integral to a well-balanced personal and professional life, we assigned a heavier weight” to Opportunity & Competition, the researchers wrote.

Virginia ranked 4th overall in Opportunity & Competition and 8th in Academic & Work Environment. 

Maryland’s score for Opportunity & Competition wasn’t remarkable (30th), but had elite marks for Academic & Work Environment (2nd). 

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The District fared poorly in both criteria, coming in at 48th for Opportunity & Competition and 42nd for Academic & Work Environment.

Both of the categories also evaluated individual metrics, such as a teacher’s average starting salary, when their tenure kicked in and the overall quality of the school system.

D.C. schools ranked in the bottom five of some of the metrics highlighted by the report. 

That includes annual salaries that are adjusted for cost of living (47th), projected teacher turnover (48th) and projected competition (49th), which measures the projected number of teachers per 1,000 students by the year 2028.

Curiously, the District’s schools had the second highest public spending per student, right behind New York. 

Virginia and Maryland both had high marks for their school systems, coming in at 4th and 5th, respectively. But Virginia also had a poor score when it came to projected teacher turnover (45th).

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