McDonald’s worker shot in the neck over cold fries has died


The New York McDonald’s worker who was shot because a customer’s french fries were cold has died from his injuries, police said Friday.

Mr. Webb, 23, had been on life support in the hospital since Monday night, when police say customer Michael Morgan shot the worker in the neck because his mother’s fries were served cold.

The New York Police Department has ruled the shooting a homicide, according to the New York Post, and Mr. Morgan, 20, is expected to be charged with murder. Mr. Morgan’s girlfriend Camellia Dunlap has been charged for weapons possession. Police say she handed Mr. Morgan the murder weapon.

According to police, at about 7 p.m. Monday, Mr. Morgan’s mother, Lisa Fulmore, complained to McDonald’s workers, including Mr. Webb, that her fries were cold and asked to speak to the manager. 

Workers then gave her the same fries with a couple of warmer fries on top, before laughing at her.

Mr. Morgan, who was on FaceTime with his mother, rushed into the store to confront the workers. He told Mr. Webb, a cook, to meet him outside. From there, Mr. Morgan knocked Mr. Webb to the ground after punching him, and then he shot him in the neck as he tried to get up, police said. 

Mr. Webb was taken to the hospital for his injuries. 

“I’m really not ready for this. I’m just going back and forth with so many flashes in mind. My mind is not stable,” Mr. Webb’s mother, who preferred to stay nameless, told the New York Post on Wednesday.

Ms. Fulmore told the New York Post that her son told cops after the incident that “he gotta do what he gotta do and the [victim] came after him and whatever happened, happened.”

On Wednesday, Mr. Morgan confessed to the 2020 murder of Kevin Holloman just six blocks from the McDonald’s involved in Monday’s attack.


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