Mehmet Oz leads John Fetterman in polls for the first time after debate in Pennsylvania

Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz is up in the polls, after the latest debate between him and Democrat John Fetterman, both vying for Pennsylvania’s open Senate seat.

Mr. Oz led Mr. Fetterman in an Insider Advantage poll taken one day after the debate by 47.5% to 44.8%. 

Another poll released Friday by Wick Insights had Mr. Oz up with 47.6%, compared to 45.9%. Roughly 3% were undecided. 

Having to choose between the two candidates, 64.4% of undecided voters said they’d go for Mr. Oz, while 35.6% went for Mr. Fetterman.

The polls indicate a new momentum for Mr. Oz, who has not led Mr. Fetterman since he became the Republican nominee in May. 

The pair of surveys come after Mr. Fetterman’s struggling performance in the debate last week, where he had trouble giving coherent responses due to suffering a stroke earlier this year.

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Mr. Fetterman, who required closed captioning monitoring in order to follow the debate questions, often stumbled through his responses to the questions.

In one question, Mr. Fetterman unclearly laid out his support for fracking, after being pressed on his past flip-flop on his support.

“I do support fracking and —- I don’t, I don’t, I support fracking and I stand and I do support fracking,” he said.

Opponents on social media quickly pointed out Mr. Fetterman’s health issues and performance, accusing him of being unable to do the job of being a senator in his condition.

Mr. Fetterman, however, stood by his performance, reasserting his intention that he will finish the race strong.

“I knew a debate wasn’t going to be easy after having a stroke five months ago. I don’t think that’s ever been done before in American political history. I got knocked down but I got back up. I’m going to fight for everyone in PA who ever got knocked down and had to get back up,” Mr. Fetterman said.

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Election Day is Nov. 8.

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