Most Americans dislike vaping and nicotine: Gallup poll


A growing majority of Americans want restrictions on vapes and nicotine in cigarettes, according to a new Gallup poll.

Gallup reported Friday that 61% of all Americans — including majorities from all political affiliations, ages and genders — favor tighter laws and regulations on e-cigarettes.

That’s up from 54% in last year’s poll but close to the 64% who said so in 2019, with Gallup noting that this year’s poll followed the Food and Drug Administration’s June decision to ban the sale of a popular brand of e-cigarettes.

Another 30% of respondents this year want the laws “kept as they are now” and only 7% want them to be “less strict,” the company reported.

While “a steady 8% of Americans report that they vape” over the last four years, Gallup found the share of cigarette smokers has declined from 20% to 11% during the past decade.

“Already there is bipartisan support for lowering nicotine in cigarettes and for regulating e-cigarettes more strictly, and that consensus may only strengthen as smoking becomes even less common,” the company said.

Only 11% of U.S. adults said they smoked cigarettes in the past week before the poll, a decline from previous Gallup surveys.

The company found that three-quarters of adults — including “solid majorities” of Republicans, Democrats and independents — favor requiring tobacco companies to lower the addictive nicotine content in cigarettes. A smaller 42% of adults, primarily Democrats, favor banning menthol cigarettes.

The company conducted a randomized national telephone survey of 1,013 adults on July 5-26. The margin of error for both smokers and nonsmokers was plus or minus 4 percentage points at the 95% confidence level.


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