Most Americans say Biden not paying enough attention to their most pressing problems

A majority of U.S. adults think President Biden is not focusing enough on the issues that matter most to them, a new poll revealed.

The Monmouth University poll found that only 31% of respondents think Mr. Biden “has been giving enough attention to issues that are most important to American families.”

A 63% majority of respondents said they wish the president would focus more on top issues: inflation, elections and voting, crime and immigration.

It’s the latest sign of Mr. Biden’s unpopularity, which threatens to help drag down Democrats in the Nov. 8 elections.

Just 26% of independents say Mr. Biden is focusing on the issues that matter most. Just over half — 58% — of Democrats say Mr. Biden is focused on the right issues.

Inflation, in particular, has stood out as a key issue among voters. The number of people who point to inflation as extremely important jumped from 37% in September to 46% in the poll this month.

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“Inflation has become even more front and center than it already was,” said Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute. “Inflation, immigration, and crime continue to spur GOP voters, along with an increased concern about elections and voting.”

Elections and voting ranked as a top concern among 38% of respondents, crime was cited by 37% and immigration by 34%.

Next in line were jobs and unemployment which registered as the top concern among 32% of respondents followed by abortion which was top-ranked by 30% of those surveyed. Racial inequality was a top-ranked concern among 25% of respondents and gun control among 24%.

Last in line was climate change, which was the top concern of just 23% of respondents.

The poll, which was published Thursday, surveyed 808 adults Oct. 13-17 and had a margin of error of plus or minus 5.2 percentage points.

The same poll found that Mr. Biden’s approval rating remains underwater with just 40% of respondents approving of his overall job performance while 53% say they disapprove.

His overall approval is slightly up from where he stood in June when just 36% of respondents approved and 58% disapproved of his job performance.

Democratic candidates in tough races have been apprehensive about campaigning alongside the low-polling Mr. Biden. On a three-state trip in the West last week, Mr. Biden steered clear of stops in Arizona and Nevada, where his presence could hurt Democrats in tight Senate races critical in determining which party controls the upper chamber.

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