Nancy Pelosi invites senior Republican, others to join her on Taiwan trip


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has invited other lawmakers to join her on an official trip to Taiwan, including the top-ranking Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Rep. Michael McCaul, Texas Republican, said Mrs. Pelosi invited him and committee Chairman Rep. Gregory Meeks, New York Democrat, to accompany her, though Mr. McCaul told NBC News he has a personal obligation that would conflict with the visit.

His comments were the firmest indication that Mrs. Pelosi intends to visit Taiwan to show support for the self-governing island that China considers a breakaway province.

President Biden has warned that the military doesn’t think it is a good idea for the speaker to go at this time, as Beijing threatens severe consequences for a visit.

Mrs. Pelosi, California Democrat, hasn’t confirmed when or if she will go, citing longstanding security protocols.

GOP lawmakers have applauded her stance in support of Taiwan despite political differences at home.

“Any member that wants to go, should. It shows political deterrence to President Xi,” Mr. McCaul told NBC, referencing Chinese President Xi Jinping. “But she should also pay attention to the military if it’s going to cause a blowback and escalate things.”

Rep. Anna Eshoo, California Democrat, said she has been invited but cannot attend.

It was unclear in the NBC report if Mr. Meeks will accept.


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