NC Chick-fil-A Faces Backlash For Offering 5 Sandwiches For As Pay


A North Carolina Chick-fil-a is facing backlash after a job listing offering people to work the drive-thru for an hour for 5 sandwiches.

Chick-fil-A Ranks As America's Favorite Restaurant According To One Industry Survey

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Chick-fil-a is one of the finest dining establishments in America, if you haven’t tried it just take our biased word on it. Even if you haven’t tried it you’ve heard about their elite service and record-setting drive-thru speeds. Chick-fil-a is no stranger to drama, especially regarding their political donations but the drama is usually a stranger to the brand.

North Carolina Chick-Fil-A Under Fire For Job Offering Chicken Sandwiches In Exchange For One Hour Of Work.

A Hendersonville, North Carolina Chick-Fil-A took to social media to announce a new job opportunity at its location and the plan backfired immediately. The location revealed it was looking for volunteers for its new Drive Thru Express then stated volunteers would earn 5 entrees per shift. Each shift is for one hour but the idea of working for food and not money brought an immediate backlash. According to Fortune, Chick-Fil-A corporate has already made a statement on the matter saying it isn’t a job from the corporation but rather a decision and job offer from a franchisee.

“Thanks for everyone’s concern on this matter,” the restaurant wrote. “This is a volunteer based opportunity, which means people can opt in to volunteer if they think it’s a good fit for them. We’ve had multiple people sign up and enjoy doing and have done it multiple times. People who sign up for this chose it voluntarily. We are still hiring full time and part time team members, so if you are interested in working in our store, we pay $19/hr.”

Whoever thought up this job promotion might be the one looking for a job soon.


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