NCM Motorsports Park Delays Z06 Driving Experience to February 2023


NCM Motorsports Park Delays Z06 Driving Experience to February 2023

Photo Credit: NCM Motorsports Park

The NCM Motorsports Park made some news late last month with the announcement of the Corvette Z06 Drive Experience which was supposed to kick off in mid-November. But like everything associated with America’s Newest Sportscar, that time frame is now being pushed back to early next year.

We learned today that the NCM Motorsports Park is calling those who have scheduled a Z06 Drive Experience for November/December. The MSP is now “tentatively” looking at February 2023 as the new starting date for the Z06 Drive Experience. According to those who have talked with the NCM MSP, they are saying the delay is due to changes in the delivery dates for the track’s two Z06s.

A member of the says he got the call from the Motorsports Park and was rebooked for Friday, February 10th. Another member chimed in and said that is surprising as he was unable to reschedule because the MSP rep said the new start date is still tentative. He goes on to say that he expects another call in early January for rescheduling the Z06 Experience.

We checked out the online calendar for booking the Z06 Drive Experience and they only have the previous dates of November 14-December 31 available to schedule. We’ll keep our ear to the ground on this and will let you know of any changes as they become known.


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