New E! Series Follows Kids Seeking Star Status


New show alert!

Source: Courtesy E! / NBC Universal

We all know names like Mathew Knowles, Joe Jackson and Kris Jenner, but E! is tapping into the next generation of talent managers AND their gifted progeny with their new show “Raising A F***ing Star.” The series follows the lives of rising young stars from around the country and their parents helping them make it in Hollywood.

Check out a trailer for the series below:

WOW… There’s no question the kids are talented but we see a couple who might need some more discipline for sure. These momagers and dadagers definitely have their hands full!



In Orange County, Calif., sisters Chacha (10) and Kennie (15) are pursuing fame in the entertainment industry with the help of their momager Sam and dad Phil.

As the household CEO, event planner and manager, Sam is a former competitive dancer who gave up her dancing career and has now put all her dreams into her children. Sam manages their daughters’ industry careers and social media presence, garnering an impressive following from their skills in acting, dancing, modeling and singing.

When younger Chacha, who is in her “golden year” as a child performer, begins to secure more opportunities than her older sister, including a music video and appearance on “Access Hollywood,” Sam is put in a tough position in giving her children equal attention as not just a mother, but as a manager.

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