New York City prepares legal action against Texas over bused-in migrants


New York City Mayor Eric Adams is threatening legal action against Texas for busing migrants who crossed the U.S. southern border to the Big Apple as Republican governors in the South spar with northeast Democratic-run cities over immigration.

In Massachusetts, Democratic officials asked the federal government to open a human trafficking probe into Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis flying dozens of migrants to Martha’s Vineyard.  

In this way, tensions escalated between Democratic officials who say they are struggling to handle the influx of migrants from GOP governors of border states who contend they are desperately calling attention to the illegal immigration crisis.

As more buses arrived in New York City on Sunday, Mr. Adams warned Texas Gov. Greg Abbott that they are not “leaving any stones unturned to make sure that New Yorkers are [not] being treated in an unfair way.”

“Our legal team is looking at legal challenges we could do with Texas,” Mr. Adams, a Democrat, said on CBS 2 in New York. “We believe there are some options we have because when you involuntarily place someone on a bus, we believe that actually skates the law.”

Mr. Adams floated the idea of using cruise ships as a temporary housing solution.

Massachusetts state Rep. Dylan Fernandes, a Democrat, said a U.S. attorney in the state has pushed for intervention by the DOJ.

“We are requesting that the Department of Justice open an investigation to hold DeSantis and others accountable for these inhumane acts,” Mr. Fernandes tweeted Sunday. “Not only is it morally criminal, there are legal implications around fraud, kidnapping, deprivation of liberty, and human trafficking.”


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