Monday, September 26, 2022

Nicki Minaj Appears To Push Thirsty Fan In London, Stirs Up Hysteria

Roman’s revenge

It certainly appears like Nicki Minaj put her hands on a thirsty stan who invaded her personal space in the midst of a massive mob of fans fighting to get a glimpse of the Rap star this past Wireless Fest weekend in London.

In the viral video posted on the fan’s TikTok account, Nicki can be seen screaming at fans, her police escort, personal security, and anyone else in a stressful saga that spiraled completely out of control.

The ‘Moment 4 Life’ rapper was in town headlining London’s Wireless Festival featuring performances by Megan Thee Stallion, City Girls, Cardi B, Summer Walker, Giveon, and more.

Local police attempted (and mostly failed) to control large crowds who could seen storming the venue and jumping over gates to access the star-studded event.

One reason for Nicki’s elevated feistiness could be her suspected pregnancy that she addressed in a recent IG Live.

At one point during the broadcast, Nicki was asked if her and husband Kenneth Petty were expecting another child after stirring up loud whispers with her more voluptuous figure during that recent Essence Festival performance.

“Am I pregnant?” she read as her eyes got wider. “Oh, I did mean to tweet this: ‘I’m not fat, y’all, I’m pregnant. Yeah, I meant to tell y’all, [but] I forgot.”

That big announcement had the tens of thousands of Barbz in Nicki’s IG Live going absolutely crazy, immediately flooding her comment section with “congratulations” and “we knew it.”

Those responses presumably made Minaj realize what she just said, which is when she cleared things up.

“Oh wait,” she said, putting on a serious face. “Did I say it wrong? I’m sorry. I think I said it wrong. I meant to say, ‘I’m not pregnant, I’m fat.’”

“But thanks, guys, for all the congratulatory messages,” she continued, laughing. “Oh my god.”

What are your thoughts on what happened? Tell us down below and peep more videos of the incident on the flip.

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